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Announcing projects selected for the second round of the LUMI-G porting program

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We are pleased to announce the selected projects for the second round of the LUMI-G Porting Program. This initiative, aimed at helping research groups and companies to port their scientific software to LUMI-G with AMD GPUs, has generated good response from the research community. After a careful evaluation, we have selected five projects from various fields:

TurboGAP (Molecular Dynamics), CSC – IT Center for Science and Aalto University, Finland
Vlasiator (Magnetospheric Plasma Simulation), University of Helsinki, Finland
GENESIS (Molecular Dynamics), RIKEN, Japan
HMSC (Statistical Modeling in Ecology), University of Jyväskylä, Finland
SIESTA (Molecular Dynamics / DFT), Institute of High Pressure Physics, Poland

These projects are at the forefront of research in their respective domains, and show promise in benefiting from the computational capabilities of LUMI-G and its AMD GPU-compute architecture.

The LUMI-G Porting Program aims to facilitate the utilization of LUMI’s resources by collaborating with software developers to adapt their tools for the AMD GPU-compute environment. The selected projects will receive substantial support, including 2–6 person-months of assistance from the HPE Center of Excellence for LUMI and the LUMI User Support Team. Additionally, the awardees are expected to contribute a minimum of two person-months of effort themselves, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach.

We are looking forward to these projects harnessing the power of LUMI-G. Congratulations to the chosen projects.