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Award for LUMI at the HPCwire Superlative Awards 2023

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LUMI was awarded at the HPCwire Superlative Awards 2023 in the category for Favourite Data Center Design! LUMI’s data center shield is designed by Synopsis Architects.

HPCwire wrote: “We’ve given plenty of awards to the EuroHPC/CSC LUMI supercomputer and its datacenter over the past couple of years in recognition of the remarkable power and sustainability of the new system and the facility that houses it. Setting all that aside, though, it just looks rad: designed by Synopsis Architects, the ultramodern datacenter is housed in a former paper mill and utilizes what Synopsis calls a “snow crystal envelope structure,” echoing the system’s name (which, as mentioned before, means “snow”). For building one of the world’s most sustainable datacenters, we’ve given LUMI other awards – for doing it in style, we’re giving it our superlative award for Favorite Datacenter Design.”

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Image: HPCwire