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EuroHPC JU Access Call for AI and Data-Intensive Applications

Open call for European industry

The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking’s (EuroHPC JU) has opened a new continuous call for AI and Data-Intensive Applications.

The call aims to support ethical artificial intelligence, machine learning, and in general, data-intensive applications, with a particular focus on foundation models and generative AI (e.g. large language models).

The call is intended to serve industry organisations, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), startups, as well as public sector entities, requiring access to supercomputing resources to perform artificial intelligence and data-intensive activities.

The EuroHPC supercomputers provided for this call are LUMI, located in Finland, MareNostrum5 in Spain, Leonardo in Italy, Meluxina in Luxembourg, Karolina in Czech Republic and Vega in Slovenia.

The call is continuously open, with pre-defined cut-off dates that will trigger the evaluation of the proposals submitted up to this date.

The next cut-off date for proposals is 14 June 2024.

For further call details, please see the EuroHPC JU website.

See also the Get started section on the LUMI website.