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Users in Denmark

You can apply for the national LUMI resources either as an academic user affiliated with a Danish higher-education or research institute or as an industry user from an organization established or located in Denmark.

For user support please contact the LUMI User Support Team.

Information about current and previous calls can be found through the DeiC website.

Academic users

As a part of the national initiative, the eight Danish universities have set up local Front Offices to provide both HPC and data management support to users at their own university.

If Danish researchers want to gain access to LUMI, they should therefore contact the Front Office at their local university.

Find your local Front Office.

Industrial users

Users from the industry may contact the Danish Euro Competence Center for HPC if they wish to know more about how to get access to LUMI.

The EuroCC-project may facilitate contact between industry and academia in order to develop research and development projects in the areas of HPC, AI and HPDA.