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LUMI pilot user projects

The pan-European flagship supercomputer LUMI will be opened for customer use in two phases:

  • In the late summer, all partitions besides the LUMI-G platform will be opened, together with the Early Access Platform for preparing applications for LUMI-G.
  • At the end of the year, LUMI-G will be integrated to the system and LUMI is in its final configuration.

The acceptance of both of these phases include an availability testing and pilot use period. We are now looking for the pilot projects. The pilot projects would have the following profiles: data-intensive computing, high-throughput computing, and high-performance data analytics (CPU-only) workloads for the phase 1, and highly scalable GPU applications for the phase 2.

The LUMI pilot projects will be selected from the LUMI consortium countries (Finland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland). Please contact your local LUMI consortium country representative or a local HPC center for how the selection process goes in your country.