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[Resolved] Filesystem problem (lustrep1)

Solved May, 26 2023 – 16:20 CEST (17:20 EEST)

We are currently (status on 26 May) experiencing a problem with one of the Lustre parallel filesystem (lustrep1). One of the object storage target is currently down. This will result in slow I/O operations and jobs stuck in a completing state for users and projects located on the lustrep1 filesystem.

You can use the lumi-ldap-projectinfo and lumi-ldap-userinfo commands to determine if you project/scratch or home directory is located on the impacted filesystem.

We are actively working to resolve the issue and we will give new update about the issue later today on 26 May.

We understand this is very frustrating for those affected by this issue, and would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.
For any questions, please contact the LUMI user support team.