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LUMI Cooling Distribution Unit flush (3-21.4.2024) and lustre maintenance break (15-21.4.2024)

Thursday 28 March 08:00 EET (09:00 CET)

  • LUMI Cooling Distribution Unit flush

    • LUMI cooling needs maintenance and this requires an estimated 2-day downtime per cooling group in addition of the first one which needs a longer maintenance (see calendar below). While cooling groups are under maintenance, 3 compute cabinets are out of production which will cause reduced computing capacity in some of the partitions.
    • The maintenance will start on Wednesday 3 April until Sunday 21 April.
    • The following partitions will have reduced capacity during this period of time (1 cabinet includes 124 nodes):
      • Wednesday 3 April to Sunday 7 April
        • ju-standard-g: 2 cabinets
        • standard-g: 1 cabinet
      • Monday 8 April to Tuesday 9 April
        • standard-g: 3 cabinets
      • Wednesday 10 April to Thursday 11 April
        • standard-g: 3 cabinets
      • Friday 12 April until end of lustre maintenance break (see below)
        • standard-g: 3 cabinets
  • Lustre maintenance break

    • All LUMI lustre file systems need to be upgraded and needs a full system maintenance break. The estimated length of the maintenance break is one week from Monday 15 April to Sunday 21 April. During the maintenance break, the system won’t be available to the users.


We will inform you as soon as the maintenance work is completed and the system open again to the users.

Please contact the LUMI User Support Team if you need any further information. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.